Happy Turkey Day!


Are you as relieved as I am that all the Thanksgiving food is soon to be over?

Don’t get me wrong, I love Thanksgiving, but it really is the most food-centric day of the entire year. With Christmas, you can get away with a ham and a ton of cookies; actually, scrap the ham. Just cookies. But Thanksgiving is so steeped in tradition and ritual, with practically absolute rules governing the food to be served. Turkey. Gravy. Stuffing. Potatoes. Sweet Potatoes. Cranberry sauce. Pie. It’s a lot of stress for people with alternative diets, especially those that eschew thing like wheat, grain and potatoes.

Here, I’ve gathered all of my remotely Thanksgiving-related recipes, in hopes that everyone can be inspired by the options out there. No, you don’t need marshmallows on those sweet potatoes; no, being gluten-free doesn’t mean giving up pecan pie. And almost everyone (except the vegetarians, sorry) can agree that bacon-wrapped almond-stuffed dates are pretty much God’s gift to humanity and should be treated as such.

Have a happy Turkey Day! I plan to have some awesome everyday recipes (none involving turkey, thank God) in the upcoming weeks, as well as a few holiday treats.



Bacon-wrapped Dates



Fresh Cranberry Sauce

Cauliflower Mash

Sweet Potatoes with Onions and Apples

Thyme-Roasted Apples and Root Vegetables

Grain-free Stuffing

Turkey Gravy



Roasted Turkey Breast


Pecan Pie


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