Link Love Friday


Happy Friday, everyone! I’m getting married exactly six weeks from today, and while I try not to talk too much about the wedding on this blog, it’s pretty much taking over my life right now. Seating arrangements, menu selections (lamb or beef? What about pork?), and nailing down logistics are how I am spending all of my spare time these days.

But when the wedding stress gets too much, like everyone, I am prone to wasting time on the Internet. Here are some of the links I’m loving this week:

What are you reading this week?


2 thoughts on “Link Love Friday

  1. Six weeks ! Yeeks can’t believe it. I bet that prune cake would taste good with a thin layer of cream cheese frosting instead of the glaze. Reminds me of a recipe my mother use to make. The cauliflower salad looks real good too!

    • It would be good with cream cheese frosting, definitely! I later made it paleo, so I had to avoid dairy, but otherwise, I would make made cream cheese frosting for sure.

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