An Announcement



Photo by Roland Lance Lane


I’m getting married today.

Our relationship started with me bringing an amazing loaf of pumpkin gingerbread to my neighbor and co-worker, who quickly became a good friend and then boyfriend. Our first Christmas dinner together a few months later was based around my grandma’s mushroom soup, which we devoured after watching the Nutcracker on Ice at Sun Valley. A few months later, I taught him how to roast a chicken. Maybe I should have known we were meant to be together.

Since then, he’s devoured brisket and short ribs, gamely tried pistachio pesto and secret brownies, and consistently raved about my simplest dishes — fruit salad with mint, Caprese salad and roasted Brussels sprouts.

I can’t believe I get to spend the next however many years with the best guy I know. Regularly scheduled content will continue next week, but I had to take a moment and say how grateful I am for this guy who at least tries to eat everything I put in front of him.



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