Buttermilk Blueberry Crisp Ice Cream (gluten-free)

buttermilk blueberry crisp ice cream gluten-free

I was trying to be good this week. I was all excited about turning over a new summer leaf, about eating vegetables and fruits and cutting back on dairy (well, a little) and forgetting that I ever let a slice of bread into my life.

And then I found this recipe. Guys, it’s buttermilk ice cream. You may be thinking that, actually, this sounds kind of gross, but that’s only because you haven’t tried it yet. Normal ice cream can be too sweet, cloying, making you wonder why you bothered with the ice cream instead of taking a spoon to a bag of white sugar. Because, you know, at least sugar is vegan.

You won’t ever have this problem with buttermilk ice cream. It’s velvety, creamy goodness with just a little punch of sour to cut the heaviness of the cream and to set off the lovely sweet-sour taste of fresh blueberries.

This recipe is adapted from this one by Homesick Texan, one of the best food blogs in the universe. I was soooo excited and soooo on board with this recipe, despite that goal to make my body my temple. That is, until I saw the fateful words — “heat oven to 350 degrees.”

Um, pardon my French, but hell no. We do not have an air conditioner, and I began making this at 2 p.m. on a 95-degree day. Standing over the stove was awful enough. So I borrowed and modified a recipe for crumble topping and threw that in instead of Lisa’s pie crust thing. That may have been the best decision I made all day.

The recipe has a few quirks to it, but nothing that can’t be dealt with. Number one, DO NOT LET ANYTHING BOIL. Pretty much a cardinal rule.

Number two, this is technically a frozen custard, so there are egg yolks to temper. Do it carefully. Even if you follow all of the instructions exactly, you might end up with some very tiny pieces of scrambled egg in your custard. Get rid of them by pouring the chilled custard mixture into the ice cream maker through a fine-mesh sieve. If the entire mixture looks like cream with scrambled eggs mixed in and refuses to thicken as indicated, start over.

Number three, it might take longer than you think it should for this to thicken. Mine took 35 minutes, which is not typical of my machine. It was totally worth the wait.

Please, feel free to break your diet with this ice cream. I’m pretty sure sweating burns calories anyway.

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