Multi-green Pesto (gluten-free, paleo and vegan option)

gluten-free vegan paleo green pesto 1

Pretty much all I want to eat these days is a giant bowl of salad with a slice of bread. It’s summertime, work is busy, and I’ve been forbidden from turning on the oven, so that’s also the simplest solution.

But I also want some interesting flavors, you know? Which is why this pesto is so enjoyable. Guess what? It doesn’t have basil in it, just a bunch of powerhouse greens and some yummy, nutty-tasting flax. There’s not much to say about it, except that it’s inspired by this recipe by Cookie and Kate and it’s perfect with anything — spread on bread, used with sort of a bruschetta, spread on pizza crust in lieu of sauce or simply thinned and tossed into pasta. Or zucchini! Your call.

As you  can see above, I went the simple route.

If you’re vegan and/or paleo, you can totally skip the cheese and no one is going to be upset with you. I would, however, recommend grinding the flax seeds instead of putting them in whole, as you can see I did in the photo. Humans digest it better when it’s ground, and the nutty flavor is more pronounced.

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5 thoughts on “Multi-green Pesto (gluten-free, paleo and vegan option)

  1. There’s just nothing like fresh homemade pesto! I LOVE your recipe! I’ve never used arugula and I love the stuff, so I bet this pesto tastes absolutely fabulous with all those tasty greens. Total winner!

    • Thanks, Julia! The arugula definitely gives the pesto a peppery kick — totally different from basil, but delicious. Enjoy!

    • It IS amazing! I borrowed the flax idea from Kate at Cookie and Kate, though she recommended hemp seeds, I think…I never would have though to use seeds in pesto, though, so she gets credit for the inspiration!

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