Friday Favorites: Springtime


Phew! The last few weeks have been a total whirlwind, moving into our house, having guests, and preparing for a trip to Austin. There have been workouts, new shoes, and much talk of barbecue and tacos. Spring and this trip are perfect excuses to pamper myself and make over a few of my routines.

I’ve been too busy for recipes, but here are a few things that I’ve been loving this month:

theSkimm. One of my major problems is that I’m a news junkie with very little time to actually read the news. the Skimm solved that problem for me. Created by two former news producers, this newsletter gives you quick, clever summaries of the day’s news, with links to full stories from well-reputed news outlets if you want to learn more. You can click here to subscribe.


New shoes. After years and years of buying cheap flats for $20 each, I finally splurged and spent some hard-earned cash on two pairs of good flats, perfect for walking around Austin. These are the fun ones — Hush Puppies Chaste Ballet Flat in Silver Stud. Not only are they cute, comfy and breathable, they even have cushion and a little arch support perfect for walking. The instep is elastic, too, so it fits my feet comfortably without chafing.

Processed with VSCOcam

Biking to work. Oh man, you guys. So it’s not quite warm enough out yet to ride to work in the mornings. Thirty degrees is really just too cold, and I draw the line when my nose starts running. But because I live so close to work now, I can dash home at lunch, let the dog out for a second, climb on my bike and ride back to work, getting exercise in the process. Yes.

AE Prep shorts

Shorts. I hate all shorts. Okay, or I thought I did, until I found a few pairs of American Eagle “Prep” shorts on a clearance rack last year. If you are an athletic build like me (read: very little caboose), you may love these. They’re men’s shorts, which for me meant that they were comfortably loose, low to mid rise and the perfect length for rolling at the bottom (and no excess crotch material) — far from the uncomfortable and overly short shorts I normally find. Bonus: they come in cute colors. I can’t wait to wear these all summer.

New perfume. I can’t wear heavy or musky perfumes without getting a headache, but I ordered a 10-vial sample pack of Jo Malone on my mother-in-law’s recommendation, and it’s been so worth it. My favorite is Peony and Blush Suede for every day, a floral that is soft, pretty and feminine without being too sweet. Other favs include Earl Grey and Cucumber (subtle and smooth) and English Pear and Freesia, which somehow reminds me of my Barbie dolls in the best possible way.

What are you loving this week?



2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Springtime

  1. I love this post! Also, those shoes are my favorite thing in life. I lived in the sage green ones last summer: 13+-hour days, a lot of running around, and narry a blister in sight. They are amazing.

    Also, I’m super-jealous of your biking to/from work. My front tire is dead and the bicycle shop is closed, so my bicycling abilities are severely limited at the moment. Alack-a-day!

    • I LOVED the green ones! Next time I have spare cash to drop on shoes, I’m buying about three more pairs of those Hush Puppies 🙂 They totally stood up over 18 hours of travel, too.

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