Perfect Hardboiled Eggs

perfect hard-boiled eggs 2

It shouldn’t be so difficult to hard-boil eggs.

I have never been able to do it. The yolk always, always, gets hard and weird and chalky. And while that’s not awful if you’re just throwing a hardboiled egg into a potato salad or an egg salad, it’s not great for things like Cobb salad or simply snacking on, when the texture really shows.

Other people must have the same problem, judging by the number of people on Pintrest resorting to “boiling” their eggs in the oven. In case you, too, struggle with Overcooked Egg Syndrome, I have found a foolproof method for hardboiling that will give you exactly what you want every time. 

perfect hard-boiled eggs 1

Basically, you bring eggs and salted water to a rolling boil, then turn off the heat, cover the eggs, and let them sit for anywhere from six to ten minutes, depending on your desired texture. The residual heat from the burner and the formerly boiling water are enough to cook the eggs just until done, without overdoing it.

Six minutes will give you a pretty soft-boiled egg; anything less will be yummy and runny, but difficult to peel. The egg above was on my burner for seven minutes. You may find you like something more around eight or nine minutes, depending on how well your burner holds heat and your preferred texture.

Perfect Hardboiled Eggs
Author: Kate Wutz
A fool-proof technique for boiling eggs to any degree of doneness.
  • Eggs
  • Water enough to cover the eggs
  • Salt
  1. Place eggs in a saucepan and cover them with water. Add a generous pinch or two of salt. Bring to a rolling boil. When the water is really, really boiling, quickly turn off the heat and cover the pan, leaving it on the same burner you were just using.
  2. Allow to remain for between six to ten minutes, depending on your desired texture. Remove from pan and shock with a cold rinse to halt the cooking. Peel and serve or prepare as desired.



2 thoughts on “Perfect Hardboiled Eggs

  1. I too use this method but was told 12 minutes which yes like you said is fine for potato salad and such but I love the way yours looks – looks so good! Most definitely going to try about 7 minutes next time. Again love the little bowl.

    • Thanks! I got it on sale somewhere around here…and yes, I think 12 minutes might work IF you take the pot off the burner you were using. Otherwise, the pot absorbs the residual heat, and so the cooking time is reduced.

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