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Welcome to my blog! You’ll find more information about me personally here.

This blog documents my quest to consume both healthy and delicious food that won’t make my stomach hurt. Everything here is created with ingredients that can be found in a small grocery store in a ski town in Idaho. If I can find the ingredient, you probably can, too. 

Why don’t you post nutritional information? I thought this was a health blog! 
It kind of is a health blog, but it’s more about balancing your life. If I mostly eat a healthy diet, I don’t want the nutritional information on the brownies to convince me I shouldn’t have one, you know? And as long as I eat what makes me feel good, I find that food has a way of balancing itself out.

Do you write sponsored posts, or include affiliate links?
Nope. I have posted affiliate links in the past, but my affiliate account is now closed and the links removed. I am never paid to write anything on this site.

This blog is about eating food that makes you happy. That’s it.

Can I use one of your recipes on my blog?
Please do! Just please do the following:

  • Link to both the blog and the recipe, e.g. “This brownie recipe from Almond Butter Binge was literally the best I have ever made.”
  • Ask permission before using my photos. I can be reached at almondbutterbinge AT gmail DOT com.
  • Let me know where you’re posting so I can come see!


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