About me

Photo by Roland Lance Lane.

Photo by Roland Lance Lane.

Hi! I’m Kate, a technical writer by day and a freelance writer/blogger/cook by night.

I love food. The only thing I love more than cooking and eating is cooking and eating with others, with talking and writing about food being a close second. I live near Sun Valley, Idaho, with my dog and my husband. The dog will eat anything except parsnips and spinach. My husband is a little pickier.

What sort of diet do you follow?
I eat what I think will make me feel good — which includes a giant meal at Dickey’s every now and then.

Favorite foods?
Brownies. I also love Brussels sprouts, good cheese, and prosciutto — despite my strong feelings that most pigs are probably smarter than my dog (who is pretty smart). I’ll try anything once. Except maybe crickets.

What other publications do you write for?
I used to be a reporter for the Idaho Mountain Express; now, I write for anyone who will hire me. A friend and I blog about books at Literary Transgressions

How can I contact you?
I can be reached at almondbutterbinge AT gmail DOT com, or by clicking the envelope-shaped icon on the top right in the sidebar.


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