Honey-Cinnamon Walnut Butter (paleo, gluten-free)

honey cinnamon almond butter paleo gluten-free

Please forgive that picture. That’s this recipe in action as part of my #saddesklunch.

It’s pretty depressing that this blog doesn’t have a single recipe for almond butter, the amazing condiment — nay, staple — that gives this blog its name. I have homemade Nutella somewhere lurking in the archives with bad photos and a strange texture, but nothing with almonds.

This is mostly because I am really, really bad at making almond butter. Nut butter in general is something I struggle with, and it’s so much easier to buy a $8 jar of almond butter than to somehow ruin $8 worth of almonds and potentially a food processor while trying to make my own.

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Pecan Pumpkin Butter


I love fall. There is something about the crisp, cool air — something about the leaves beginning to turn gold after a brilliantly green summer — that almost makes me look forward to the winter ahead.

Mostly, it’s pumpkin season. Every corner coffee shop is offering pumpkin muffins, pumpkin lattes and loaves of gingery pumpkin bread. When my fiance and I were first dating (and, actually, slightly before), I baked him loaf after loaf of perfect pumpkin bread, laced with ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon and allspice. To this day, he swears it was a large factor in our relationship becoming serious.  Continue reading

Chocolate-Hazelnut Butter


I have not been a very good Paleo person lately.

Normally, I try so hard to eat well. I try to avoid things that are actively bad for me (hydrogenated oils, etc.), and I try to eat things that have some nutritional merit, rather than just being something that tastes good that maybe my body will know what to do with.

But then August hit. Work suddenly exploded off the charts, upping my already-high stress factor by a multiple of 10. My boyfriend’s work exploded also, as we had this little number to deal with:


For a time, this was the biggest, scariest fire in the country, and I could see it from my back door. It was terrifying. And for a while, my boyfriend was in the middle of it.

So I have not been the best of Paleo people. I needed some chocolate to get me through this mess. What I really needed was creamy, gooey, oozing chocolate with a touch of rich toasted nuts. What I needed was NutellaContinue reading