Want more?

Here are some of my favorite blogs and books on food…a mixed bag of everything from my favorite food blogs to informational resources.

Good Food

Smitten Kitchen — Isn’t this kind of the standard by which all other food blogs are judged? Amazing food, beautiful photos, nothing too complicated.

Sassy Radish — This woman taught me how to roast the best chicken ever.

Coffee and Quinoa — Erica posts recipes and photos so amazing that usually I end up spending my workday dreaming about dinner, when I can make some of these awesome things.

Pinch of Yum — This blog taught me to cook curry. Awesome, plus she posts really great blogging tips on a regular basis.


Paleo Diet and Gluten-Free

Nom Nom Paleo —Michelle Tam not only posts some of the most gorgeous food on the Internet, it’s all (mostly) Paleo. I tend to agree with her philosophy re: food. She has great book reviews, great recipes, and is basically the standard against which I judge all other Paleo blogs.

The Beginner’s Guide to the Paleo Diet — an awesome overview of Paleo in its purest, strictest form. Not everyone follows all of these rules to the letter, but it explains why those rules are there.

Gluten-free Girl — My first introduction to gluten-free.

Bob’s Red Mill — In my opinion, the best place to get gluten-free oats, flours and other baking items I trust.


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