Cherry-Almond Jam Tart


Guysssss. You have to make this. Drop everything and make this easy, gluten-free, buttery and barely sweet cherry-almond tart of amazing deliciousness right now.

If you made my grain-free lemon scones with cherry jam, you probably have some leftover jam at this point. And you’re wondering what to do with it. While the obvious answer is to make more scones, can I offer another solution? Make this tart instead. Continue reading

Cherry-Almond Ice Cream (vegan, paleo, gf)



I’ll admit, I went a little nuts when I got an ice cream maker. I dedicated several weeks, as you can see from this blog, to making the most decadent recipes I could think of, filled with eggs, heavy cream, sugar and everything else bad for you.

No regrets, frankly. Everyone should be able to enjoy some ice cream once in a while without freaking out. But after the novelty wore off, I realized that maybe I should re-balance a little, scale down the indulgence, and try to come up with some ice cream recipes that everyone can enjoy. Hence, this Cherry-Almond recipe.

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Bee Sting Bars (paleo, gluten-free)

paleo honey beesting bars gluten-free

When I went Paleo, I thought I would never eat a bee sting pastry again. That was a pretty big blow. Even after I quit Paleo in favor of a more moderate diet, I figured the amount of refined flour and sugar would make it a “sometimes food” at best…and then my favorite baker moved out of town, taking all of her bee stings with her.

For those of you who have never seen one, a “bee sting” is a German pastry, two layers of yeasted cake filled with vanilla custard with a caramelized almond-honey topping. The one I’ve made was an elaborate production, complete with almost burning the custard and having just an awful time splitting the layers. It was a delicious mess, and one I figured I just wouldn’t deal with again.

Until last week, when David Lebovitz posted a recipe for miella, French snack cakes with the same crunchy almond-honey topping. His use of almond flour piqued my curiosity — could I make a gluten-free, even Paleo, version of my all-time favorite pastry? Continue reading