Perfect Hardboiled Eggs

perfect hard-boiled eggs 2

It shouldn’t be so difficult to hard-boil eggs.

I have never been able to do it. The yolk always, always, gets hard and weird and chalky. And while that’s not awful if you’re just throwing a hardboiled egg into a potato salad or an egg salad, it’s not great for things like Cobb salad or simply snacking on, when the texture really shows.

Other people must have the same problem, judging by the number of people on Pintrest resorting to “boiling” their eggs in the oven. In case you, too, struggle with Overcooked Egg Syndrome, I have found a foolproof method for hardboiling that will give you exactly what you want every time.  Continue reading

Fried “Rice” (paleo, gluten-free)

paleo fried rice gluten-free

When I first heard about making rice with cauliflower, I was skeptical. I’ve never been the world’s biggest cauliflower fan, and my preferred way of serving this oddly white vegetable was with melted Velveeta all over the top of it.

Yeah, the last time I ate cauliflower, I was also still eating Velveeta. Judge if you like.

But this week, I found myself craving starch and protein all blended together in a dish that was easy to make, yet burst with flavor. I have been obsessed with Asian flavors lately — cilantro, fish sauce, anything with that indefinable umami — but I needed something that was also Paleo, which meant no actual rice, no soy sauce and, more to the point, no Pad Thai from my favorite take-out place.

Michelle Tam of Nom Nom Paleo came to the rescue yet again. Continue reading

Salad Lyonnaise


Sometimes, when I eat alone, I use it as an excuse to put little to no effort into what I’m putting in my mouth. Almond butter and a firm, juicy apple. A date stuffed with an almond and popped like a movie theater snack.

Other times, cooking for a single person is freeing. It’s just me in the kitchen making this salad Lyonnaise, carefully slipping a raw egg into a pot of almost-boiling water and praying it poaches properly. The egg didn’t turn out — the water needed to be energetically boiling — but it’s okay. I can try again.

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