Chocolate-Hazelnut Butter


I have not been a very good Paleo person lately.

Normally, I try so hard to eat well. I try to avoid things that are actively bad for me (hydrogenated oils, etc.), and I try to eat things that have some nutritional merit, rather than just being something that tastes good that maybe my body will know what to do with.

But then August hit. Work suddenly exploded off the charts, upping my already-high stress factor by a multiple of 10. My boyfriend’s work exploded also, as we had this little number to deal with:


For a time, this was the biggest, scariest fire in the country, and I could see it from my back door. It was terrifying. And for a while, my boyfriend was in the middle of it.

So I have not been the best of Paleo people. I needed some chocolate to get me through this mess. What I really needed was creamy, gooey, oozing chocolate with a touch of rich toasted nuts. What I needed was NutellaContinue reading