Bison Bacon Burgers

paleo gluten-free bison bacon burger oh manBear with me. I promise, you want to make these, you just might not know it yet. Bison is maybe a little unusual for people who are not living in rural areas where people regularly shoot and kill and eat everything from snow geese to antelope.

That’s not to say that there are actually wandering bison where I am, but when you live in a place where people regularly throw game dinners and eat moose, elk, venison and doves, you get to be more open-minded. The standard beef, pork and chicken triumvirate is demolished. Continue reading

Blueberry-Balsamic Lentil Salad

lentil salad 2 gluten-free vegan

I was spoiled for my first few years in the professional world. Though I was perpetually broke, I worked in the middle of a small town where cheap and delicious food with real ingredients abounded. Fresh wraps, salads, even Thai food were easily accessible, and when I was feeling desperate, there was always a full grocery store within walking distance, if I cared to walk. When I ate lunch, I usually ate out.

Then, I started working further away from the downtown core (such as it was), and started bringing my lunch less and less. This week, I start another job in an industrial area with almost no options, and certainly none within walking distance. And, as you know, with a new job comes uncertainty — how do other people do it? Do they bring lunches? Do they make the 10-minute drive into the next town? What are the expectations?

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Summer Corn Salad (meatless, gluten-free, vegan option)


It’s summertime. We all know that all you want to eat is a giant bowl of vegetables, and those vegetables better not have touched a heat source at any point (apart from maybe a grill). They should be in season, full of flavor and taste basically like sunshine.

In other words, the standards are high. Luckily, I have just the salad for you.

Are you ready for a confession?

This was not going to be a blog post. Originally, this was something I just made with leftovers from the fridge. I had tomatoes. I had a microwaved ear of corn, half an avocado and basil. And, best of all, I had a brand-new ball of smoked mozzarella that I picked up for another recipe that I was suddenly to hot and tired to make.

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Caprese Salad with Prosciutto (primal, gluten-free)

caprese salad prosciutto gluten-free

Nothing says summer like a Caprese salad. I know, I have talked about my love of the tomato-mozzarella-basil combo a number of times already on this blog, once with my Caprese stuffed mushrooms and once with my risotto Caprese. But now that tomatoes are in season and I’m getting heirlooms from the grocery store, it’s time to revisit this classic.

Here’s the thing: if you try to make a Caprese a meal, you might end up unsatisfied. It’s delicious, but there’s not a whole lot of protein there. Thankfully, adding a little prosciutto to the mix alleviates that, making a yummy summer salad with some staying power.

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Greek Zoodle Salad (paleo, vegan, gluten-free)

greek zucchini salad paleo vegan gluten-free

It’s not a secret that men and women can have very different tastes when it comes to food. A co-worker of mine and I were recently talking about food one eats when one’s significant other is away — not things like cereal and peanut butter and jelly on Ritz crackers, but all of the things our guys don’t like.

Don’t get me wrong; I am not the 300 Sandwiches lady. I cook what I want. But if I want to feed my significant other something he actually enjoys, it cannot involve pesto and should avoid peas, except in rare circumstances when the peas are pureed and served with cheese, as in this recipe. Dishes made up entirely of vegetables, as a general rule, are not favorites.

This Greek “pasta” salad was not a meal I expected him to like.

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Caprese Stuffed Mushrooms (meatless, gluten-free)

caprese stuffed mushrooms

It’s not the season for Caprese salad. There are no good tomatoes out, I am pretty sure basil’s not in season, and who even knows about mushrooms. In Idaho, the local greens are just starting to come out in the stores, thanks to our geothermal greenhouses, but everything else is kind of…well. The tomatoes are still a little faded.

My body didn’t care this week, though. It was craving Caprese salad. Well, actually, it was craving pizza, and while I sometimes indulge, I was not going to this week. Instead, I heavily modified Foodie Crush’s recipe for Pizza-Stuffed Mushrooms and called it a day. Continue reading

Greek Quinoa Salad (gluten-free)


D Magazine made a bold claim about a year ago on its cover. The reporter, a food writer and restaurant reviewer, claimed to have found the “Best Quinoa Salad in the History of Ever.”

Interesting, I thought. Hyperbolic, certainly, especially since I was pretty sure the best quinoa salad ever was one I had made for Thanksgiving, with cranberries, sausage and almonds. But I was determined to give it a go.

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